Memorial Day What’s the True Meaning?

Fish'n Walleye Guide Service Captain Todd in Iraq what memorial day is about

Memorial day, let’s take a moment to recognize the true meaning of this day. What is it really about?

We, here at Fish’n Walleye Guide Service, would like to take a step out of fishing mode for a moment.  We would like to talk about what Memorial Day is really about.  The military service members that gave the ultimate sacrifice.  That sacrifice was for we the people of the United States of America.  Those sacrifices gives us the freedoms many other countries do not have.  Sometimes we all take that for granted.

Memorial Day weekend is this coming weekend.  Many people look at this as the official start of summer.  Who can blame us? Many shopping places use it as a reason to have a sale.  The media boasts it’s the first unofficial weekend of summer.  We are all thinking of going camping and boating.  We are thinking fishing trips, guided and not.  There is summer vacations and family fun.  As a result of this the true meaning of Memorial Day has seemed to have gotten lost in the shuffle for many of us.

Our family understand what those sacrifices are all about very well because we are proud to be a military family.  Captain Todd served 23 years in the military, some of it in combat situations.  The worst of it was over a year in Iraq on convoy duty.  Soldiers lost their lives on that mission.  THOSE are the people Memorial Day is meant to recognize and celebrate.  Those soldiers need to be remembered on Memorial Day, we are celebrating those who lost their lives serving this great country.

If you are out there celebrating this coming weekend please remember to recognize the real meaning of this holiday.  Raise your glass, bottle, cup, whatever you may be drinking from and toast those who gave their lives because their sacrifice gave you the very freedoms you have today.

Bow your heads in a moment of silence and say a short prayer to your God, whoever that may be.  In this one nation under God, there are many religions from many different cultures and backgrounds.  This is a result of the sacrifice of these soldiers. Each and every one of those cultures and religions owes a depth of gratitude to these soldiers and their families that sacrificed so much.

Due to the ultimate sacrifices made by United States military members all of these cultures and religions are able to live as a blended nation making up the United States of America.  We are able to practice the religion of our choice, freedom of speech, the right to bare arms and so many more freedoms.  Things that are not allowed in the very countries many of  our ancestors came from nor where the current immigrants are coming from, seeking life here in the United States of America for those very freedoms.

So thank your Lord for those soldiers who gave their all.  Thank your God for where you are right now in life, good, bad or otherwise, you are still here to live a life, those soldiers are not. They sacrificed theirs so you could live yours freely.

While you are giving thanks and prayer, you may want to offer up a prayer for the families that lost those loved ones.  Due to their soldiers sacrifice these families have suffered as well and people tend to forget about the family’s sacrifice for us to have our many freedoms in this great nation.

So please remember what the upcoming Memorial Day is all about.  Give that moment of recognition.  Then carry on with your fun filled weekend!

If you are out there having a good time with adult beverages, please be safe out there and drink responsibly. Remember drinking and driving or drinking and boating can take a life.  It can take the life of my loved one, your loved one, someone else’s loved one, not just yours but someone else’s.  It’s just not worth it.  If you want to drink, don’t drive anything, be a passenger.  If you want to drive then don’t drink a drop and be someone’s designated driver.  A designated driver is truly the life of the party!

Have a great three day weekend everyone and happy summer!

Would you like to start your summer out by catching some walleye, the walleye are biting.  We have a few dates left open so give Captain Todd a call and let’s go fish’n.  Book now, before the dates are all gone, and let your fish’n tales begin!