Captain Todd’s Fishing update for May 8, 2018

walleye catch on the bay of Green Bay, WI. with Fish'n Walleye Guide ServiceIt was a good but tough day fishing with our clients Steve and Ike from Chicago, Illinois.  Our trip started out by trolling south of the Bay Shore boat launch pulling crank baits.  We managed to get a few good eater sized walleyes in that area.

Then we moved down to some warmer water by Point Vincent.  Steve and Ike reeled in a couple more eater sized walleye from this area.  We just weren’t able to put a good program together in that area either.

After some thought and conversation we decided to go try something different.  I moved us out into some deeper water and started pulling deep diving cranks.  Immediately Ike caught a nice 26 inch walleye.

Since we caught one we continued in this area and caught several more eater sized walleye in deeper water.  Unfortunately the wind was picking up and it switched direction.  Because of the change in the wind speed and direction, I decided to slide into shallower water adjacent to where we were.  We caught another eater sized walleye in that area.

Our time together was almost up so we were trolling slowly back to the dock.  All of the sudden a board buried back and Steve grabbed the rod.  After putting up a good fight Steve had the fish to the back of the boat.  He just had a couple cranks left, only to disappointingly have it pop off.  Of course it had to be the biggest walleye of the day.  We guessed it to be between 28 and 30 inches.  The loss of this fish marked the end of our trip together.

Over all it was a tough day fishing but we managed to have Steve and Ike bring home some walleye fillets.  They also left with some good fishing memories of the one that got away.

Thank you for coming up and fishing with Fish’n Walleye Guide Service, Steve and Ike.  I look forward to taking you out again.

If anyone else would like to book a trip give us a call!  Book now and let your fish’n tales begin with Fish’n Walleye Guide Service.

CPT Todd Tilkens