Let’s talk walleye conservation-Fishing opener is coming quick!

Fish'n Walleye Guide Service bay of Green Bay catch

Think walleye fishing!!  Opener of fishing in Wisconsin is this coming weekend, May 5th.  We can start keeping 5 walleye that are 15 inches or bigger per person in the boat.

Our latest fishing update for you is below.  We would  also like to take a few minutes to talk about how all of us anglers can do our part in keeping the bay of Green Bay the world class walleye fishing destination that it is.

We are coming off from an extremely cold spring. The walleye productive cycle is not where it should be on opening weekend. They are also not located in the water depths where they normally would be.  They are still in the shallows.

In a normal year the females would be spawned out and back out into the big open water.  However, because the water temperatures are cooler than normal the spawn has not yet completed.  It usually would before opening weekend.  This puts our fishery in danger of being fished out by those that are not educated.  Sadly some anglers just don’t care about protecting our fishery for generations to come.

Big females, that have not yet spawned, are still in the shallows. Captain Todd, personally, will be releasing anything not yet spawned out and anything over 22 inches.  He will also be encouraging our clients to do this as well.

We would like to encourage all anglers that will be fishing the bay of Green Bay in the next couple of weeks to do the same.  If we all ban together to help protect our fishery we can keep the bay of Green Bay one of the finest walleye fishing destinations in the world for generations to come.

Everyone that agrees with helping out please share this post on your social media pages. We need to try to get this out to as many people as we can.  We need to help educate others on ways to help protect our fishery.  This will preserve it so our kids and grand-kids can enjoy it as we are, or maybe even better.

We at Fish’n Walleye Guide Service would also like all of you anglers to share photos of you releasing these bigger fish.  Please share them on our Facebook page.  This will help educate other anglers on protecting our fishery for generations to come!

Fishing update- April 30, 2018

Captain Todd went and did some pre-fishing for some clients in the Oconto River.  He was pleasantly surprised to find the launches all free of ice and water temperatures were warming up nicely.  He did not run into any ice issues.  However, that’s not to say there is not an ice chunk or two floating around out there.  Please keep a cautious eye out and remember safety first!

They were fishing in 7-10 feet of water.  The bite wasn’t extremely strong.  Everything they caught was post spawn. They had to work to put the fish in the boat that they did.  Jigging with Rapala’s rippin raps seemed to be what the fish liked the most.

Good luck this weekend anglers! It can get extremely hectic out there!  People can get downright rude and crude.  Patience is a necessity out on the water, especially on opening weekend!  Be courteous to one another and be safe!

Remember, let’s all do our part and put the fishery of the bay of Green Bay first. Please consider releasing all females over 22 inches for the next couple of weeks.  Give them time to add to the numbers and let them live for another year.  It will only strengthen the awesome fishery we already have!

If you would rather have an insured, licensed, professional guide do the work for you then come on let’s go fish’n!  Let Captain Todd do the work while you just sit back and enjoy the fishing! Or if you the hands on type, let him teach you some new tips and tricks to reel in those big fish!  He is always happy to get you out on the water and on some fish!  Book with us now and let your fish’n tales begin!