Bay of Green Bay, WI. fishing report April 24, 2018

Fish’n Walleye Guide ServIce chunks on the bay of Green Bayice fishing report from the bay of Green Bay on April 24th, 2018- Big chunks of ice are still hanging in there on the lower end of the bay of Green Bay.  We need a good south wind to blow it out into the middle to break it up more and melt it off.

Most launches are still blocked off by the huge chunks yet. For the launches where you can put your boat in, there could be a dangerous situation out there.  You want to be checking the winds before you go out, as well as keeping an eye on them while you are out on the bay of Green Bay.

Be safe out there!  Always put your safety and the safety of others first.  You can fish another day!  Please avoid any situation that could put your life at risk or the lives of others having to come rescue you.  You don’t want to damage your boat with the ice either.  If you go out on the water make safety your top priority.  If you’re going out with a guide make sure they are making your safety a top priority.

It was a nice day, temperature wise, for fishing on the bay of Green Bay yesterday.  Despite all of the ice still on the lower bay, we managed to put a few nice walleye in the boat.  We were fishing with ice just a few yards from our boat, as you can see in the top photo.  I made sure to keep a close eye on the winds and the ice chunks.  If the winds shifted we were heading off the water and saving fishing for another day.

Walleye catch on the bay of Green Bay, WI.Water temperatures were running around 47-49 degrees.  We were catching a mix of post-spawn and pre-spawn walleye.  As  the temperatures warm up so will the water.  I suspect there will be a really good bite in the next week or two. Stay safe and good luck out there Green Bay anglers! If you’d like to go out with a guide that puts your safety 1st and puts you on the fish book with us now and let your fish’n tales begin!