Think Spring Walleye Fishing Fever!!

Fish'n Walleye catch
An example of a spring walleye on the Fox River from April 2018.

Spring walleye fishing, some of the best out there!

Hi all! Well it’s been a very long winter but the days are getting longer and temperatures are starting to creep upwards, so I know spring is coming. Before we know it we will be out on the open water putting some of those spring walleye monsters in the boat.

Over the long winter I purchased the new Lowrance HDS LIVE sonar unit for the boat. It is quite the upgrade both in imaging and display graphics. This new sonar unit has the new live imaging which will really be nice for locating and targeting fish on bottom or structure and out in the wide open flats. It will help us locate and catch fish faster. I can not wait to get this going and get on some of those huge spring walleye.

Painting lures and blades, as well as stringing some of my own crawler harnesses, is a fun way for me to stay busy in the winter. I am excited to try out some of the new color schemes I came up with. Getting equipment ready by spooling all of my reels with new line as well as doing general maintenance on them have been keeping me busy as well. This is all good but it is also getting me antsy to get back out on the water.

As we get ready for a new fishing season, hopefully soon, I will start off with the Fox River guiding. This is a truly fun and exciting trip, it is a trophy fishery. DNR rules are that you are only allowed to keep one walleye over 28 inches until the official opener of fishing on May 4th.  However, during this time period, while you are waiting for that trophy you can catch and release walleye until your arm is sore. Fishing on the Fox River is a great time to really learn and /or perfect your jigging techniques.  It is also a good time to learn your electronics and experiment with new lures or techniques.

As the Fox slows down Oconto gets hot.  We use several techniques there such as; jigging, rippin and even some trolling. Oconto is great because if you hit it right you catch the walleye staging in the harbor and shores during the pre-spawn. Then you can catch them coming back down after spawn and on the early post-spawn feed bag. This is also more of a trophy fishery; you are only allowed one fish over fifteen inches, but we can catch and release as many as we like.

After Oconto we will move all over as the bay clears of ice. Fishing post-spawn areas where the fish are recovering and putting on the feed. After the May 4th  general fishing opener the limit goes back up to 5 walleyes over fifteen inches. We will then break out the trolling gear and go into full trolling mode.  Then we can start putting fish in the box.  We still do some jigging when conditions are right for it.

For now we just have to wait for Mother Nature and keep dreaming of that trophy walleye mount for the wall.

We would like to thank you for your support! I am looking forward to getting everyone out to enjoy the fantastic fishery of Green Bay!

While you are waiting book your trips now while your dates are still open.  The best time slots are starting to book up already! 

Book now and let your fish’n tales begin with Fish’n Walleye Guide Service.

Captain Todd Tilkens

2018 Walleye Fishing Season Wrap Up

big catchThe 2018 Walleye fishing season is in the books for us here at Fish’n Walleye Guide Service.  We would like to take a moment to thank all of our clients for a wonderful year of fishing on the Bay of Green Bay and the Fox River.  Captain Todd is looking forward to the return of many of you for the 2019 walleye fishing season. Thank you for booking early!

It was a good year despite some of the nasty weather we had.  The North East winds or wind in general was not cooperative for a lot of trips. We had the huge late season snow storm on April 15th.  That pushed back the big ones coming in on the Fox River for the spring spawn.  We had more than an abundance of rain and storms as well.  Muddy waters, which limited visibility, and high water conditions were not good for catching walleye.  All of those weather issues combined made it so we had to reschedule quite a few fishing trips.  Thank you to our clients for their patience and understanding through Mother Nature’s fury. Your safety is our first commitment, no fish is worth a life.

Despite the weather issues, we reeled in our fair share of walleye, some of them in the 30 plus range. There were some beautiful sunrises and sunsets to view, just another plus side of this job.  We met some truly amazing people and made some new friends.

Fish’n Walleye Guide Service is done fishing for the 2018 open water season, getting the boat ready for storage and moving on to another passion, deer hunting.  To those of you who have that same passion, good luck and may you bag a monster buck!

Keep an eye out for our spring specials.  Like and follow our Facebook page, we will be posting on there throughout the winter months.  There will be a few giveaways and we will post our special pricing for the spring fishing walleye run on the Fox River.  The earlier you book the more likely you can get a spot on the boat with us.  The spring run tends to book up pretty fast!

If you are looking to book for a fishing trip on the bay next year, any time is a good time, however, end of May through early July is your best bet.  Again, book early, those dates tend to book up quickly as well.

Signing off for the season.  Good luck to all you hunters, good luck to all of you ice fisherman!double walleye

When you are ready for the open water fishing of 2019 give us a call and let’s go fish’n!

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Fantastic walleye fishing in July on the bay of Green Bay, WI.

Hey All,

I have been very busy hitting the Green Bay gold walleyes hard this past month, there has been some fantastic walleye fishing.  Both sides of the bay have been very good with each side having slightly different patterns.

On the west side big schools of walleyes have moved out to the deeper mud and are very hungry.  I have been running crawler harnesses out in the depths.  That technique has been pulling a good mixed bag of eaters, giants and everything in between. Use your electronics to find baitfish and/or schools of walleye then set your baits to run above them and hang on for the action!

Do not follow the crowds!  On some days we have had success in depths as shallow as 8 feet working the structures. You should also watch your electronics while you are fishing. Watching your electronics can make a big difference between fantastic walleye fishing and mediocre walleye fishing.  Keep an eye out for new stuff such as depth changes, bottom changes or structures you did not know was there.

On the east side, work mid to deep depths with crawlers and cranks.  Your choice should depend on the type of day, the weather and the situation, try to locate the fish and let them tell you what they want.  If something is not working and you are on fish don’t be afraid to switch things up. The fish on the east side are also relating to nearby structure remember to use your electronics and target them.

The dog days of summer are here and temps will continue to rise, but as winds switch and blow in different directions the water moves around.  There will be subtle to extreme temperature changes so watch for these changes and adapt to them. Those changes can make all the difference in the world.

There is some fantastic walleye fishing happening right now that should continue through September. I have a few openings left in late August into early September. If you would like to get out and experience some fantastic walleye fishing or learn some new techniques give me a call and book now.  Come on out with Fish’n Walleye Guide Service and let your fish’n tales begin! Bring along a friend or family and make memories that will last a lifetime!Fish'n Walleye Guide Service catchFish'n Walleye Guide Service catchFish'n Walleye Guide Service catch

Walleye bite around July 4th, 2018

walleye bite with Fish'n Walleye Guide Service The walleye bite is strong.  Hey everyone it has been awhile since I have written a blog.  The walleyes are biting and I have been busy getting our clients out on the water and on the walleye bite.

The shallower walleye bite was still going strong the last couple weeks.  I continued to target shore line structures and had really good success.  I continued running cranks as the water and fish continued cooperating.

That being said, the weather has not been the most cooperative lately.  There was a week time span of continuous northeast winds which really messed with the walleye bite, that is if you could even get out onto the water.  When the wind did finally switch it really changed the fishing pattern.

You can still get some fish in shallows at mid depths.  However, the deep mud bite is finally starting up.  As water temperatures rise it will only get stronger.  The best techniques for the walleye bite the past few days  has been trolling crawler harness and stick baits.  Using those you should have decent success.

The biggest thing I would like to put emphasis on is do not go where crowds are.  Do not follow the leader, I see a lot of boats on the water doing this.  Just because there are a lot of boats in one area does not mean there is a bite in that area.  It could mean people are playing follow the leader.  This also causes more frustration among anglers with people cutting people off or running over other anglers lines.  Use your electronics and find schools of fish.  Track where you get fish and stay on them. The schools will move continuously from hour to hour and day to day.

walleye bite with Fish'n Walleye Guide ServiceWe had great success the last few days with harnesses in 20-25 feet of water over the mud flats.  The size is very mixed with a lot of smaller eaters.  There are also plenty of nice big walleyes.  It is best to release the bigger ones (22 inches and above) and save them for another fight.  They are not as good to eat and it is a good way to keep the bay the world class fishery that it is.  With the warmer temperatures please take care in releasing the big ones.  Get a good picture, limit handling and get them back in the water quickly to fight another day.

Good luck to all of you anglers out there, I hope to see you out on the water.  If you would like to follow a more up to date posting please check out our Facebook page .  If you want to try and land some big Green Bay Walleye I still have a few August dates open book now before we fill up.

Happy 4th of July !!!

Fish’n Walleye Guide Service Guide Trips Fishing Blog-June 13, 2018

Fish'n Walleye Catch   Fish'n Walleye Catch







It’s been a bitFish'n Walleye Catch since we have been able to sit down and talk about our recent guide trips.  It has been a busy past couple of weeks full of fun guide trips.

Fishing has been on fire when the weather has cooperated.  I’ve had some great guide trips recently.  While also having some guide trips that were a little rough and adventurous due to the weather and the winds.  It was kind of like a water ride at a water park, due to wind changes while we were on the water.

All the trips were fun, we had great time and some great catches.  Our clients said they had a blast and they all left with smiles on their faces.  They made some good memories with friends, family or business associates.  Some booked more trips for the near future.  Check out the reviews they left.

A couple of the trips I’d like to mention are two trips out of the Bay Shore Boat Launch;

Our latest clients were Joel and Josh.  They flew in from Arizona visiting Green Bay while on a father and son vacation.  They just wanted to do some catch and release fishing.  We put some walleyes in the boat along with perch, catfish and some monster sheephead.  The conditions were less than desirable and we got a little wet on the ride back.  This added to the excitement for Josh.

Another trip I would like to mention is David Oshefsky and two of his business associates.  This trip was one of the best days of fishing I’ve had this year.  The three of them were all in for a surprise.  They expected to be sitting back and waiting a bit so they got out their phones to do business while waiting, however, the hungry fish had other ideas.  The guys were barely settled in with phone in hand and lines were going off quicker than we could get them in the boat.  Our 3 person limit of walleyes was in the boat and then some in two and a half hours!  We threw the bigger ones back to live for another fight.

Once we were on shore we put them on the Fish’n Walleye Guide Service board and there were so many we couldn’t even fit them all on.  I had to put some on the ground by their feet to get them in the picture!

Spots are filling up fast here at Fish’n Walleye Guide Service.  If you are interested in taking a guided walleye fishing trip on the Bay of Green Bay with me, give us a call asap.  My open dates are getting fewer and fewer.  Book now and let your fish’n tales begin with Fish’n Walleye Guide Service.

Guide Fishing with Chris and Starla-Fishing blog May 26th, 2018

Chris and Starla Guide Fishing May 26th 2018I had a great guide fishing trip today with Chris and Starla from Beaver Dam ,WI.

We put the boat in the water at the Bay Shore County Park early this morning, with the conditions starting out nice with a breezy south wind and sunshine that was perfect.

Started out by pulling crawler harnesses in 18-20 feet of water, concentrating on a nearby structure.  Shortly after getting six lines set we had our first eye coming to the net.  It was a nice twenty incher.

We continued trolling this same area for the next couple of hours putting several more eater size walleyes in the box.

After a while the bite changed a little bit due to the boat pressure moving the fish.  I adjusted a little and got right back on the fish, putting several more in the box.  The walleyes started short striking and we lost several while reeling them in today and some of those lost were right at the back of the boat.

As the morning wore on the fishing slowed a little but we were soon giving high fives as a board went flying back.   After a good fight by Chris we put a beautiful 27 incher in the net.  Took some quick pictures then back in the water it went for another fight.

We finished the trip with one more eater and called it a day.  The wind had died down to next to nothing and air temperatures were getting into the upper 80’s.

I had a great time teaching Chris about trolling and exchanging conversation and fishing stories with him.

I love teaching techniques and the in and outs of fishing those elusive walleye.  If interested in learning just let me know.  When you book a guide fishing trip with us, just tell me what type of fishing trip you want.  If you want a guide fishing trip where you learn and do a lot of hands on, just say so.  If you’d rather sit back and just reel in the fish, that’s perfectly fine too.  It’s your trip so let me know what you want.  I’m happy to oblige.

If you would like to see what our guide fishing clients are putting in the boat and taking home check out our photo gallery and videos.

The bite is on and we still have a few dates open.  Give us a call and book now!  Let your fish’n tales begin with Fish’n Walleye Guide Service.


Memorial Day What’s the True Meaning?

Fish'n Walleye Guide Service Captain Todd in Iraq what memorial day is about

Memorial day, let’s take a moment to recognize the true meaning of this day. What is it really about?

We, here at Fish’n Walleye Guide Service, would like to take a step out of fishing mode for a moment.  We would like to talk about what Memorial Day is really about.  The military service members that gave the ultimate sacrifice.  That sacrifice was for we the people of the United States of America.  Those sacrifices gives us the freedoms many other countries do not have.  Sometimes we all take that for granted.

Memorial Day weekend is this coming weekend.  Many people look at this as the official start of summer.  Who can blame us? Many shopping places use it as a reason to have a sale.  The media boasts it’s the first unofficial weekend of summer.  We are all thinking of going camping and boating.  We are thinking fishing trips, guided and not.  There is summer vacations and family fun.  As a result of this the true meaning of Memorial Day has seemed to have gotten lost in the shuffle for many of us.

Our family understand what those sacrifices are all about very well because we are proud to be a military family.  Captain Todd served 23 years in the military, some of it in combat situations.  The worst of it was over a year in Iraq on convoy duty.  Soldiers lost their lives on that mission.  THOSE are the people Memorial Day is meant to recognize and celebrate.  Those soldiers need to be remembered on Memorial Day, we are celebrating those who lost their lives serving this great country.

If you are out there celebrating this coming weekend please remember to recognize the real meaning of this holiday.  Raise your glass, bottle, cup, whatever you may be drinking from and toast those who gave their lives because their sacrifice gave you the very freedoms you have today.

Bow your heads in a moment of silence and say a short prayer to your God, whoever that may be.  In this one nation under God, there are many religions from many different cultures and backgrounds.  This is a result of the sacrifice of these soldiers. Each and every one of those cultures and religions owes a depth of gratitude to these soldiers and their families that sacrificed so much.

Due to the ultimate sacrifices made by United States military members all of these cultures and religions are able to live as a blended nation making up the United States of America.  We are able to practice the religion of our choice, freedom of speech, the right to bare arms and so many more freedoms.  Things that are not allowed in the very countries many of  our ancestors came from nor where the current immigrants are coming from, seeking life here in the United States of America for those very freedoms.

So thank your Lord for those soldiers who gave their all.  Thank your God for where you are right now in life, good, bad or otherwise, you are still here to live a life, those soldiers are not. They sacrificed theirs so you could live yours freely.

While you are giving thanks and prayer, you may want to offer up a prayer for the families that lost those loved ones.  Due to their soldiers sacrifice these families have suffered as well and people tend to forget about the family’s sacrifice for us to have our many freedoms in this great nation.

So please remember what the upcoming Memorial Day is all about.  Give that moment of recognition.  Then carry on with your fun filled weekend!

If you are out there having a good time with adult beverages, please be safe out there and drink responsibly. Remember drinking and driving or drinking and boating can take a life.  It can take the life of my loved one, your loved one, someone else’s loved one, not just yours but someone else’s.  It’s just not worth it.  If you want to drink, don’t drive anything, be a passenger.  If you want to drive then don’t drink a drop and be someone’s designated driver.  A designated driver is truly the life of the party!

Have a great three day weekend everyone and happy summer!

Would you like to start your summer out by catching some walleye, the walleye are biting.  We have a few dates left open so give Captain Todd a call and let’s go fish’n.  Book now, before the dates are all gone, and let your fish’n tales begin!

A trip with Tony Seahorn a Vietnam Veteran & Author-Captain Todd’s Fishing Blog

Tony Seahorn walleye catch on the bay of Green Bay, WI. with Fish'n Walleye Guide ServiceI had the honor and privilege of guiding a great guy and Vietnam veteran Tony Seahorn this morning.   Tony Seahorn and his wife Janet are the authors of Tears of a Warrior, a great book for veterans returning from deployment. Tony was in town for a seminar on PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) at the vet center and talking about his book.

Our trip started out from Bay Shore County Park knowing we had bad weather and rough conditions coming in.  We knew we had limited time the forecast predicted the storm was going to get bad early into the morning.

I normally would have called off the trip, however, Tony had changed his plans to take the trip and was looking forward to it.  The chance to meet and talk with this man was too valuable to pass up, as well.  I knew we would be safe as long as I kept an eye on the sky.

Tony Seahorn is a truly likable man and we hit off conversation immediately.  He is quite the outdoors-man and told me about his many adventures in his home state.

We worked the shallows along the shore not far from Bay Shore County Park.  We did not want to get to far from the marina just in case bad weather kicked up.  One walleye smack a lure but shortly came off.

We continued working the shore line and soon had another board go sliding back and it was fish on! Tony took control and slowly reeled in a nice eater size walleye to the waiting net. Tony was excited to have his first Green Bay walleye.

Just like expected the rain came down, lightly at first and then quite hard.  The winds picked up soon after and we rode it out for a bit.  It eventually became a safety factor and I had to make the reluctant call to end our trip early.

At the dock, after loading the boat and some quick pictures, Tony surprised me with a signed copy of his book.  He is truly a great guy and spends a lot of his time helping veteran’s cope with PTSD.  If you are a veteran dealing with PTSD pick up a copy of Tony Seahorn’s book, Tears of a Warrior.  The book is a valuable tool for soldiers and their families, both my wife and I had previously read it when I came home from my tour of duty in Iraq.

It was truly an honor taking Tony out, talking with him and getting to know him.  I look forward to getting him out again some time in better weather.

While we are talking about military service and sacrifice, we would like to let all of our military veterans and their families, past and current, know how much we appreciate the sacrifice they make on a daily basis.

We have been there and we know what it is like.  It can be hard on a family or relationship, especially during and after a combat deployment.  The deployment memories never really go away.

Spending a relaxing day fishing together as a couple or a family can help relieve some of that stress. Even strengthen the relationship.

To show our appreciation Fish’n Walleye Guide Service offers a 10% military discount to all military members, past and present.  All we will need from you is to see a valid military ID card (veteran or active duty) or a DD214 with the service members name on it with an honorary discharge, as proof of service before the discount is given.  The service member must be a member of the party in the boat for the discount to be valid.  Discount will be given at the time proof of service is shown.

If you would like to see more fishing pictures and read reviews left by our clients check out our Facebook page.

Let us get you fish’n for walleye on the world class walleye waters of the bay of Green Bay, WI.  Book now and let your fish’n tales begin!

Captain Todd

Captain Todd’s Fishing update for May 8, 2018

walleye catch on the bay of Green Bay, WI. with Fish'n Walleye Guide ServiceIt was a good but tough day fishing with our clients Steve and Ike from Chicago, Illinois.  Our trip started out by trolling south of the Bay Shore boat launch pulling crank baits.  We managed to get a few good eater sized walleyes in that area.

Then we moved down to some warmer water by Point Vincent.  Steve and Ike reeled in a couple more eater sized walleye from this area.  We just weren’t able to put a good program together in that area either.

After some thought and conversation we decided to go try something different.  I moved us out into some deeper water and started pulling deep diving cranks.  Immediately Ike caught a nice 26 inch walleye.

Since we caught one we continued in this area and caught several more eater sized walleye in deeper water.  Unfortunately the wind was picking up and it switched direction.  Because of the change in the wind speed and direction, I decided to slide into shallower water adjacent to where we were.  We caught another eater sized walleye in that area.

Our time together was almost up so we were trolling slowly back to the dock.  All of the sudden a board buried back and Steve grabbed the rod.  After putting up a good fight Steve had the fish to the back of the boat.  He just had a couple cranks left, only to disappointingly have it pop off.  Of course it had to be the biggest walleye of the day.  We guessed it to be between 28 and 30 inches.  The loss of this fish marked the end of our trip together.

Over all it was a tough day fishing but we managed to have Steve and Ike bring home some walleye fillets.  They also left with some good fishing memories of the one that got away.

Thank you for coming up and fishing with Fish’n Walleye Guide Service, Steve and Ike.  I look forward to taking you out again.

If anyone else would like to book a trip give us a call!  Book now and let your fish’n tales begin with Fish’n Walleye Guide Service.

CPT Todd Tilkens

Let’s talk walleye conservation-Fishing opener is coming quick!

Fish'n Walleye Guide Service bay of Green Bay catch

Think walleye fishing!!  Opener of fishing in Wisconsin is this coming weekend, May 5th.  We can start keeping 5 walleye that are 15 inches or bigger per person in the boat.

Our latest fishing update for you is below.  We would  also like to take a few minutes to talk about how all of us anglers can do our part in keeping the bay of Green Bay the world class walleye fishing destination that it is.

We are coming off from an extremely cold spring. The walleye productive cycle is not where it should be on opening weekend. They are also not located in the water depths where they normally would be.  They are still in the shallows.

In a normal year the females would be spawned out and back out into the big open water.  However, because the water temperatures are cooler than normal the spawn has not yet completed.  It usually would before opening weekend.  This puts our fishery in danger of being fished out by those that are not educated.  Sadly some anglers just don’t care about protecting our fishery for generations to come.

Big females, that have not yet spawned, are still in the shallows. Captain Todd, personally, will be releasing anything not yet spawned out and anything over 22 inches.  He will also be encouraging our clients to do this as well.

We would like to encourage all anglers that will be fishing the bay of Green Bay in the next couple of weeks to do the same.  If we all ban together to help protect our fishery we can keep the bay of Green Bay one of the finest walleye fishing destinations in the world for generations to come.

Everyone that agrees with helping out please share this post on your social media pages. We need to try to get this out to as many people as we can.  We need to help educate others on ways to help protect our fishery.  This will preserve it so our kids and grand-kids can enjoy it as we are, or maybe even better.

We at Fish’n Walleye Guide Service would also like all of you anglers to share photos of you releasing these bigger fish.  Please share them on our Facebook page.  This will help educate other anglers on protecting our fishery for generations to come!

Fishing update- April 30, 2018

Captain Todd went and did some pre-fishing for some clients in the Oconto River.  He was pleasantly surprised to find the launches all free of ice and water temperatures were warming up nicely.  He did not run into any ice issues.  However, that’s not to say there is not an ice chunk or two floating around out there.  Please keep a cautious eye out and remember safety first!

They were fishing in 7-10 feet of water.  The bite wasn’t extremely strong.  Everything they caught was post spawn. They had to work to put the fish in the boat that they did.  Jigging with Rapala’s rippin raps seemed to be what the fish liked the most.

Good luck this weekend anglers! It can get extremely hectic out there!  People can get downright rude and crude.  Patience is a necessity out on the water, especially on opening weekend!  Be courteous to one another and be safe!

Remember, let’s all do our part and put the fishery of the bay of Green Bay first. Please consider releasing all females over 22 inches for the next couple of weeks.  Give them time to add to the numbers and let them live for another year.  It will only strengthen the awesome fishery we already have!

If you would rather have an insured, licensed, professional guide do the work for you then come on let’s go fish’n!  Let Captain Todd do the work while you just sit back and enjoy the fishing! Or if you the hands on type, let him teach you some new tips and tricks to reel in those big fish!  He is always happy to get you out on the water and on some fish!  Book with us now and let your fish’n tales begin!