Walleye bite around July 4th, 2018

walleye bite with Fish'n Walleye Guide Service The walleye bite is strong.  Hey everyone it has been awhile since I have written a blog.  The walleyes are biting and I have been busy getting our clients out on the water and on the walleye bite.

The shallower walleye bite was still going strong the last couple weeks.  I continued to target shore line structures and had really good success.  I continued running cranks as the water and fish continued cooperating.

That being said, the weather has not been the most cooperative lately.  There was a week time span of continuous northeast winds which really messed with the walleye bite, that is if you could even get out onto the water.  When the wind did finally switch it really changed the fishing pattern.

You can still get some fish in shallows at mid depths.  However, the deep mud bite is finally starting up.  As water temperatures rise it will only get stronger.  The best techniques for the walleye bite the past few days  has been trolling crawler harness and stick baits.  Using those you should have decent success.

The biggest thing I would like to put emphasis on is do not go where crowds are.  Do not follow the leader, I see a lot of boats on the water doing this.  Just because there are a lot of boats in one area does not mean there is a bite in that area.  It could mean people are playing follow the leader.  This also causes more frustration among anglers with people cutting people off or running over other anglers lines.  Use your electronics and find schools of fish.  Track where you get fish and stay on them. The schools will move continuously from hour to hour and day to day.

walleye bite with Fish'n Walleye Guide ServiceWe had great success the last few days with harnesses in 20-25 feet of water over the mud flats.  The size is very mixed with a lot of smaller eaters.  There are also plenty of nice big walleyes.  It is best to release the bigger ones (22 inches and above) and save them for another fight.  They are not as good to eat and it is a good way to keep the bay the world class fishery that it is.  With the warmer temperatures please take care in releasing the big ones.  Get a good picture, limit handling and get them back in the water quickly to fight another day.

Good luck to all of you anglers out there, I hope to see you out on the water.  If you would like to follow a more up to date posting please check out our Facebook page .  If you want to try and land some big Green Bay Walleye I still have a few August dates open book now before we fill up.

Happy 4th of July !!!