Bay of Green Bay, WI. fishing report April 24, 2018

Fish’n Walleye Guide ServIce chunks on the bay of Green Bayice fishing report from the bay of Green Bay on April 24th, 2018- Big chunks of ice are still hanging in there on the lower end of the bay of Green Bay.  We need a good south wind to blow it out into the middle to break it up more and melt it off.

Most launches are still blocked off by the huge chunks yet. For the launches where you can put your boat in, there could be a dangerous situation out there.  You want to be checking the winds before you go out, as well as keeping an eye on them while you are out on the bay of Green Bay.

Be safe out there!  Always put your safety and the safety of others first.  You can fish another day!  Please avoid any situation that could put your life at risk or the lives of others having to come rescue you.  You don’t want to damage your boat with the ice either.  If you go out on the water make safety your top priority.  If you’re going out with a guide make sure they are making your safety a top priority.

It was a nice day, temperature wise, for fishing on the bay of Green Bay yesterday.  Despite all of the ice still on the lower bay, we managed to put a few nice walleye in the boat.  We were fishing with ice just a few yards from our boat, as you can see in the top photo.  I made sure to keep a close eye on the winds and the ice chunks.  If the winds shifted we were heading off the water and saving fishing for another day.

Walleye catch on the bay of Green Bay, WI.Water temperatures were running around 47-49 degrees.  We were catching a mix of post-spawn and pre-spawn walleye.  As  the temperatures warm up so will the water.  I suspect there will be a really good bite in the next week or two. Stay safe and good luck out there Green Bay anglers! If you’d like to go out with a guide that puts your safety 1st and puts you on the fish book with us now and let your fish’n tales begin!

Fish’n Walleye Guide Service is a proud supporter of Walleyes for Tomorrow


Fish'n Walleye is a supporter of Walleyes For TomorrowFish’n Walleye Guide Service offers a unique opportunity to experience world class walleye fishing at its best.  It’s right here in northeast Wisconsin.  The bay of Green Bay is home to some of the finest walleye fishing in the world, so come on let’s go fishing!!

Being a professional guide on the bay of Green Bay is a privilege that we at Fish’n Walleye Guide Service take seriously.  Along with that privilege comes many titles and responsibilities.

First and foremost comes the title of safety inspector.  It is a guide’s duty to make sure all safety equipment on board is up to date and in good working order.  A responsible guide is putting their client’s safety first, before going on the water.

A guide will become an amateur weather forecaster, by watching the weather closely.  Making sure it is safe to be on the water before taking clients out.  Knowing the winds, the current, the type of weather that is coming is important.  This will help keep our clients safe and more successful by being able to put them on the fish.  The weather has a big effect on how the fish will react and bite that day.

A professional guide must also make sure they are out on the water learning the fish patterns.  They need to know where the fish are.  What the type of fishing technique is best to use at any time of day to reel in the big one.  A guide must also know what type or color of lure or bait is hot that particular time of day.  These all change in a moment’s notice pending the weather and water environment.  A pro-guide, like Captain Todd, does their homework so clients have the best opportunity to be successful at landing the fish.

A professional guide must also be diligent at researching and purchasing optimum fishing equipment from boats, motors and poles to nets, lures and bait.  These are just a few from the long list of equipment.  This will give the client the advantage over the fish.  Research maybe trial and error, surfing the internet, talking with other guides/anglers, going to seminars or joining a fishing club or cause.

Yet another important title is an environmentalist.  In order to keep the bay of Green Bay a world class walleye fishing destination it is a pro-guides duty to keep the fishing ecosystem in check.  This will help keep the population of trophy walleye in the bay of Green Bay for future generations to come.

This can easily be done by following the fishing rules and regulations set by the DNR and by working with groups that protect the fish and work to improve their environment.

Fish’n Walleye Guide Service is taking all of these titles seriously.  One way we are helping the fishing environment is by joining  Walleyes for Tomorrow-Green Bay Chapter.  Part of their mission is to help improve the quality of walleye fishing. Please consider helping this great cause.  This is just one way we can all work together to protect the trophy walleye fishing in northeast Wisconsin.  Just donating a little time or funds can make a big difference.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a guide, a fishing club or an avid angler, by donating your time or money you are helping Walleyes for Tomorrow preserve this world class fishery for decades to come.

If you’re interested in hiring a professional guide service Fish’n Walleye Guide Service is happy to be your guide.  Whether you’re out to land a trophy fish, learn the waters and fish patterns or to get enough fish to have a fish fry, Fish’n Walleye Guide Service is here to help you have a successful trip! Give us a call and let’s go fishing!!  Book with us now and let your fish’n tales begin!


Fishing new for April 13, 2018

Fish'n Walleye Guide Service walleye catchFishing update for April 13, 2018

It was a cool morning fishing on the Fox River in DePere, WI. but we managed a few big fish that were spawned out.  We also landed a good number of smaller fish.

The spawn seems to be in full swing despite the wintry scene here in Green Bay for this time of year. The water temperatures are still in low 40s.

Fish today were very finicky.  We worked shallow flats and rock to sand transitions.  Jigs and minnows were still the best producers.  We used very slow presentation while fishing on bottom that was the ticket to putting them in the boat today.

If you’d rather skip the work and use a guide give us a call, we would be happy to get you out on the water and on some fish.  We still have a few dates open but they are booking up fast.  Book now and let your fish’n tales being with Fish’n Walleye Guide Service.